Q1:Q24. Cannot hear audio sound via internet.

Audio file might be dropped in order to keep video transmission when the network bandwidth is not sufficient.

Q2:Q23. The Android system download unsuccessful via DVR website.

Please kindly download the application via Android Market.

Q3:Q22.The Bitrate Table is not accurate.

Please notice it the documentation is just for consultation only, the real recording size is still depending the locality condition.

Q4:Q21. The playback via remote access is slowly and cannot hear any audio.

"1. When users use remote access to see the live view: images are loaded from cache memory in CIF format. Frame rate of the loaded file depends on the setting in ""HTTP Setup"" of local DVR and the requirement for network is around 1Mbps for DVR upload. 2. When users use remote access to see the recording video in playback: images are loaded from HDD of local DVR, so the transmission size depends on the recording resolution and frame rate. For example, if users set 720x480 with 30 FPS or 720x576 with 25 FPS to record, the result of recording size is huge and LAN is required to connect for playback. In general, the requirement for network is around 10 Mbps for DVR upload. When downloading files from remote access under unqualified Network Speed, a momentary loss of recorded audio signal may occur in order to maintain the images. Consequently, the downloaded files may contain without Audio signal. So if users want to view the playback file with smooth quality, could you please suggest your clients backing up the file to local PC and then playback it again when the Network Speed is unqualified."

Q5:Q20. The auto-reboot function is useless.

This function will start operating 8 hours after it is set up.

Q6:Q19. The image transmission via 3G to cellphone or connection will not stable.

It caused of the 3G signal strength not strong enough; when the signal strength is weak than the three bars of reception, it will become hard to connect.

Q7:Q18. The screen is only showing one audio icon in CH 1 in 411A

Please upgrade the firmware to b91.

Q8:Q17. Remove RTSP function.

Our R&D will change the construction from RTSP to HTTP protocol for next version of GPhone application.

Q9:Q16. Does DVR support RAID or Disk Array?

We do support the RAID mode and Disk Array system for E-SATA interface; but please noteice it, it still has the compatible issue.